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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 5, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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♪ looking to the past... for modern day ddseases. an ancient cure .... on fox45 news at 5-ttirty. news at 5-ttirt3 -3 33 3 - queen anne's county 90 minutes late &p
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3 33harbor fiber map 3&shootings... sttbbings... rescues... the steadmannfire
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statioo downtownnresponds to them al ... and that is why they are listed as the busiest station in the nation. ttat's according o fire houss magazine.steadman fire station responded to 14 &ppercent more calls last year than any other station in the is here wwth more on why the crews there are under soomuch more pressure. good morning paarice,we're talling about nearly 22- thousand runs a year...that's how busy the firefighterr and &pstatton on eutaw street. - 3nats-siren there's a steady sound of sirens there.with an average of 60 runs a day... firefiggters and paramedics rarely gettddwn forr them, it's o surpriss thaa thissis thh bussest firehouse in the coontry. it's partly locction and the equipment &pthey have on hand here.but they say cutbacks... are also to blame for the busy pace. 01:277"theee's not aawhhlee "sometimms always going out, -
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all the time..02:48 "we're at the cliff, looking down. certainly."03:05 "we can't afford anymore cuts. none." &pstations over the last deeade. increasing the workload for those still opprating. while ii maaks for aalong and tiring ddy for the crew at sseadman statton, they ay the comraderie there keeps them going.meganngilliland, fox45 morning news. the holiday season brrngs a painful rrminder foo a pikesville mother...whose son was gunned down... in aacrowd pgo..rian moss's murder remains happened innwest baltimore... he was &pwalking in his neighborhood with a friend ... five days someone shoo them both..nd now... the trail is cood.hhs motherr delinda morrison, says there have been no leadd, and years.the ddtectives han 10 - investigating her son's deeth have since retired.morrison believes since the shootinn happenee inna crowd off peopll...someooe...saw
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sooething... and is asking them to comeeforwaad. "i pray on this every night, i my son's killer is brought tt j" justice" it's never oo late, &ppf you have god in yur heaat...please come forward" play college oooball at one of theemost restigious know anything about thissf you shooting... contact authorities. conninues...but now somm of e - those residents... could be allowed back inside. making repairs to theecomplex on red cedar place..wiih the hopes hat some people will be able to return home today. the fire broke outton a fourth floor apartment justt before leven o-clock friday one was hurt... but more than 100 eoplee..mostly senior citizens were forced to evacuate. closing arguments are expected to begin in the trial of a pooitical aide for former paul schurick is accused of -
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&ptryinn tosupppess the black vooe during last year's gubeenatorial electioo. caapaignconsultant juuius own - henson pressnted a black voter &psuppressionstrategy... and he dismissed the suggestion. hoowverr.. schurick also the ssript for tte calls sent &pto voters. the judge says jurorr could receive the casee gas prices areeon theii way down... just in time for the holidays.accordiig to thh lundberg suuvey... pices at cents... in tto weeks.the natiooal avvraae for regglar gas is now 3-dollars, 29-cents a in maryland... the average stands at around &pp-25 a gallon. 3tiigrs woods is back on his california. the winnis his first since the australian final rounn 69... for a 72- &phole score of 10 under...just
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edding out playing partner zach johnsoo who was the leaddr throogh saturday. the ravvns brrak the streak... pad blow past the cleveland browns.all three of their losses this season .. caae on the road ... after big wins ... to teams they should have bbat. but sunday, the ravens were finally able to shake tte jinx aad pull out a victory. victory. little ay rice was the biggest man in the stadium in he first quarter he ccps a drive with thhs 6 yarr touchdown...nd theeravens career day... watch him reak llose and run through the cleveland defense for a 67 yard gain... he had 204 on tte day.and then later,,one ore spectacular laadarius webb yards... and that put the capp on a 24-10 viitory...lifting
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the ravens to a 9-3 record 3p he win keeps the ravvns pn the drivees seat for a hhme playoff gamm, so how are fans taking in that possibility thissmorning. joel d. smith is live t panera in towson to see how much purple prideehe can find today. ggod mornnng joel d. 3 (aa lib) 3 3 &
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3 five special needs students leeve for hawaii sunday to represent young marines during harbor. ersary of pearl - pheestudents aae part of the young marrnes unit at kennedy the junior -o- t-c... they leaan the physical marinee.this week, the luckyy five will paaticipate in the &p70th annnvvrrary of the pearl harbor attack. wright says: "it's going to be fun and it's going to be a lot of history behiid it sooi'm going to take that history and it in my head." head."kennedy krieeer's program is the nation's only young marrnes unnt dedicated to special needs students. it's beginning to lookkmore likeea horror ilm... than christmas... for one north & ww have an issue... and thhs is theeissue. a snake in our
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casey says her daughter was turnnng off some lights.... phen she saw something moviig in the tree.turns out they hhd an extrr ornament.casey shot branch.the family named ii "tinsell... tten set it freee in the woods. comiig uppon the eaall edition... with herman cain oot...what's nextt next?"upwarrs of 77% oo the people are till nddciied unnecidedwe take a look at the futuue of the 2012 ellction. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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3&((ad lib mmteorollgist))
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3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 175 map fibee map
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3 3 3 3 coming up...the g-o-p pool for presidential down one... pthey saw herman cain as an that would be most reflective - of his."
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his."noo that cain is out...find ouu wwo's vyiig for his ((break 2))
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it's one more candidateedown and less than a year o go until the 2012 presidential election. now that herman ccin has susppnded his campaign. barrara hall takes a look at the future of tte 2012 election. &p3 --reporter pkg-as followss--in the wake of herman caan's
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campaign announcement yysterday, reppblican presidential canddddtes are ggaring up for the next phapter in their campaigns, and vying for cain's supporters. aalot of erman cain supporters have been caaling ouu office and they've side...they saw herman cain aa see that my voice would be the reflective of his.""theyyrr going to go somewhere in the pext wwek or so. that's going to happen. so i'm optimmstic from there."with the election less haa a year away, bachhann says this is aa crucial time for voters. &p"upwards of 70% of the people are still undecided. they take and they're vetting all of the candidates, weighing each one of them because they reaaize barack obama cannot have a second term. we have to have a strong, bold candidaae for president."senator john mccain saas his home state of arizona will ppay a big role because &pof the growing hispanic vote. "i think it can be up for grabs. i think that's true off pven, lthough maybe nnt this
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ttme.. but the demograppics are lear. the demographics are ccear that the hissanic vote will play a major ---be a mmjor factor in national elections."reporting from atlantt, i'm barbara hall. poming up... the career day by ray rice... ravens defeated the browns... next in sports. 3((break 3)))- a÷a÷ [ female announcer ] help i need a holiday party idea.
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thhs nto our purple pride galllry.these are hhe dogs, are definately ravens fans!3 pnd this i little nicholaa!he looks ready to cheer on his ravees!ttis is from jessica.
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show us your purple pride. you can ppload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- coo. and you can see those pictures oo ur "see it shoot it ssnd it" pageeat ffxbaltimore dot com. or ou can go to our faaebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on "inside ffx45" on the left side off he screenn coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... tis' tte season... for mishaps... missaps...singing, screems screamshow parents reacted... to this riser mishap. mishap.a baltimore fiie station is named the busiest in the nation.i'm meggn gilliland, why the crew at steadman stationnissbeing caaled to so many emergencies. emergenciess
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